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12 Best Print On Demand Services For Etsy In 2021 [My Experience]

Finding the perfect print on demand services is stressful. 

As an Etsy seller, you likely have a million things on your mind and having to sift through dozens of printing partners without guidance is just that – stressful. 

Not just that, but manually checking the quality of every service takes away valuable time. 

Time you could be devoting to actually creating products that people want...

Or selling them!

After selling thousands of dollars worth of print on demand products in my first month on Etsy, I've found and curated the top 12 print on demand partners for Etsy.

Plus, I'll reveal how you can use any print partner you want (even if it doesn't integrate directly with Etsy.)

First thing's first:

Let's take a look at a few commonly asked questions about Etsy POD.

Print on demand is a fulfillment process where you can offer white labeled products to sell to customers.

These products range from clothing to mugs to hooded blankets.

Each one has its own, custom designs that you create.

Whenever an order is placed, the print on demand item is created on the spot.

This means that, as a seller, you don't have to worry about holding inventory or spending lots of money upfront to buy in bulk.

Instead, you can simply upload a design to a product.

That item is then dropshipped to your customer under your brand once purchased by a customer.

Previously, Etsy only allowed handmade and vintage clothing to be sold.

does Etsy allow print on demand?

Simply put, yes.

Etsy has changed its rules to allow the print as long as specific guidelines are met.

But here's the thing:

If they aren't met, you risk your account getting suspended.

Not to worry, though.

The rules are fairly simple, and I'll cover them in more depth later in this post.

Can I Use multiple print on demand services on etsy?

Etsy doesn't have a limit as to how many print on demand services you can use.

I recommend starting with one service and type of product at the beginning to keep things simple and easier to manage.

Then, as you start to get a handle on how print on demand works with Etsy, you introduce new products and POD partners to your store.

is etsy a print on demand site?

Etsy itself is not a print on demand website.

It's an e-commerce marketplace with a focus on vintage and handmade items.

This is unlike Redbubble or Merch By Amazon, for example, that focuses solely on print on demand.

However, it has become a lucrative platform for print on demand sellers.

One where traffic is free and profits can be massive.

More and more people are beginning to realize the potential of selling print on demand with Etsy.

Luckily, you're still early to the game.

Now, let's dive right into the best POD suppliers for Etsy.

I may earn a commission when you click links in this post at no additional cost to you.

#1 Printful

Printful is the all around best pick for beginners looking to start selling on Etsy.

With millions in funding and fulfillment centers around the world, Printful offers high quality apparel and accessories with fast shipping, and excellent customer support.

With these pros comes one drawback, however:


Printful is one of the most expensive print on demand services.

And with good reason...

You're enjoying the benefits of dealing with a well-backed, responsive, and highly capable network for your print on demand business.

You won't have to worry as much about things like incorrect prints, slow shipping times, low quality items, or unfriendly customer support.

And since it integrates directly with Etsy, you don't have to worry about setting up a Shopify store to process orders - it's all handled by Printful.

Printful really steps up to the place nicely in these areas and is the #1 recommended platform for your Etsy print on demand journey.

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Printful is an ideal solution for beginners looking for a simple, reliable way to sell clothing on Etsy.

#2 Printify

Printify is another strong option for Etsy print on demand.

It has great pricing, a large variety of product options, excellent customer support, and direct integration with Etsy.

Like Printful, it doesn't require a Shopify store to get up and running.

If you want to stand out on Etsy, you have to sell products with lower competition.

For example, t-shirts, although they sell well, are highly competitive.

There are tons of t-shirt brands that can sell their shirts for very low prices.

This makes it tougher to compete (although certainly not impossible.)

While competing on pricing shouldn't be your only differentiating factor,  it's something to consider when selling print on demand.

That's where Printify comes in.

It offers a large variety of products at lower prices than Printful.

So you can find items that are new to your customers.

Simply place your designs on these products to introduce something completely new to the Etsy marketplace.

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Printify has a large variety of products at affordable prices and is a great POD partner.

#3 Teelaunch

Teelaunch is the absolute best option for selling canvas art on Etsy. 

It allows personalization, has fast shipping,  and has an abundance of branding options.

For example, you can put your brand logo on the packaging and on the back of the frame.

You can also add a double-sided branded insert free of charge.

If you're looking to sell canvas art on Etsy, Teelaunch is the way to go.

Hint: Their least expensive option is the square canvas.

Not many sellers are currently offering this on Etsy. 

This gives you an opportunity to carve out an area in the market that has not been tapped into yet.

Also, its customer support is very responsive and it has a Facebook community you can join for free.

Note: You need to have Shopify in order to use Teelaunch, unlike Printify and Printful.

You can use the cheapest $9.99 per plan if you aren’t already set up on Shopify.

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Teelaunch is the best option for a canvas art brand with tons of branding options and the ability for customers to personalize orders through Etsy.

#4 Gelato

Gelato is a print-on-demand service that integrates directly with Etsy, offers a decent range of products, and has relatively competitive pricing.

While certainly not the most affordable on the market,  it offers a unique set of products, like stationery and aluminum prints.

It has fulfillment centers around the world and guarantees fast shipping to your customers with simple pricing and shipping rates.

If you're looking to start selling print on demand notebooks, calendars, cards, etc. Gelato is the right print partner for you.

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Gelato is a bit pricey but has excellent logistics, simple pricing, and is easy to setup with Etsy.

#5 Gooten

While I haven't personally used Gooten for some time, I've heard both great things and not so great things about it when it comes to Etsy.

The good is that the products are affordable, there's a large range of products to sell, and it integrates directly with Etsy (even if you don't have a Shopify store.)

However, I've also heard that their customer support is not as good as other platforms which is a red flag for me.

I want to know that the company I'm working with is responsive and helpful.

It made this list because it is well known in the industry and is reputable enough to give a try if you're looking for additional products to sell once established.

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Gooten is great for some and not so great for others. It might be worth a try but I'd recommend you go with Printful instead.

#6 Prodigi

Prodigi is well known for their wide array of wall art.

It also integrates directly with Etsy.

Pricing is a bit more expensive than Teelaunch for canvas art and personalization is not as seamless.

It's still a great option for selling wall art on Etsy as you'll find unique products to sell that give you an edge in the market.

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Prodigi is a solid service for more niche types of wall art like wood prints (hint hint.)

#7 Printed Mint

Printed Mint is an Etsy friendly print on demand supplier.

Their products are a great fit for the Etsy audience.

In particular, their candles can sell very well.

During holiday seasons, candles are one of the top searched terms on Etsy.

And the search term "candles" continues to drive a ton of traffic year round.

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Printed Mint has a unique range of products and custom packaging that work particularly well with Etsy

Shopify Etsy Integration For POD

Many print on demand services integrate directly (like the ones above.)

But what if there's a Shopify POD app you want to use that doesn't play so nice with Etsy?

You could stick with the POD apps that everyone else is using...

And don't get me wrong - the ones above are great.

But some of the most successful POD Etsy stores I've come across use print on demand apps that are only available through Shopify.

In fact, most of the income I made my first month was from POD apps using 3rd party integrations.

So how does it work?

It's actually pretty simple, and not many Etsy sellers know about it.

It involves a tool called Sellbrite.

Once set up, you can use any of the following Shopify print on demand apps to gain a competitive advantage on Etsy.

Now for the best Shopify POD apps for Etsy.


#8 ShineOn

ShineOn would be in the top 3 if it had a direct integration with Etsy (which I suspect it will soon.)

Its message card jewelry is a perfect fit and some of the biggest shops sell on Etsy very similar items (though they're not POD.)

The margins, product to market fit, free community, and design opportunities are amazing.

Plus, your customers can personalize their message card jewelry through Etsy.

Although the fulfillment process for personalized message is manual on your end, it leaves room for much higher margins.

You can also use general greetings, like "To My Wife," and keep the process fully automated.

Selling message card jewelry is proven on Etsy, and not many print on demand sellers are doing it at the moment.

It's a great opportunity for you to jump in.

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ShineOn is an exciting print on demand partner that offers products that fit perfectly with Etsy.

#9 FuelPOD

FuelPOD is the main service I used when getting started on Etsy.

Its products accounted for the majority of about $5k in sales my first month.

The reason I chose FuelPOD over Printful at the time?

It had (and still has at the time of writing) the lowest pricing in the POD space.

Not to mention that you save $3-$4 off every item your first month.

I was able to sell sweatshirt at $29.95 when the other POD players had to sell at $39.95 for the same margins.

Shipping is fast and customer support is very responsive and friendly.

If a customer complains about receiving a stained sweatshirt, FuelPOD is always quick to refund or send out another one.

With the being said, the reprint rate due to stains in the garment is higher that I would like.

Fortunately, it doesn't affect ratings on Etsy because I am upfront about the return/replacement policy and always make sure to answer customers quickly.

And by the way:

That's the thing about Etsy - be proactive and responsive and your customers will love you.

Overall, there are two reasons FuelPOD ranks lower.

1. It needs a 3rd party integration to setup

2. The quality is not there compared to Printful.

P.S. Sweatshirts are my #1 best selling product.

Do with that information what you will 🤓.

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FuelPOD offers fast shipping, great customer support, and the lowest prices available

#10 Subliminator

Subliminator is the way to go if you're looking to sell all over print clothing or accessories.

Although pricier than some competitors, its quality is unmatched in the AOP category, shipping times are reasonable, and support is high quality.

HINT: You can make a nice side income selling cloaks in the viking niche alone.

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Sublminator's products are top of the line, and it's the best option for AOP merch.

#11 SPOD

SPOD is a highly rated app that I've been generally satisfied with.

Its shipping times are fast, there's a big product selection, and support is good.

Similar to FuelPOD, SPOD is built on the back of Spreadshirt, a massive print on demand company.

Here are a couple actionable notes that can make you money and save you time with SPOD:

1. Product images are saved as a PNG without background as default.

This can look funky when uploading the product to Etsy.

You may want to consider adding a white (or pastel color) background and save as a JPG in Photoshop before uploading.

This is certainly not required but can give you an edge.

2. Based on keyword research, camper mugs with Christian quotes are in high demand and low competition.

You could built out a store just around this topic and product combination and you're good to go.

LivIcons Evolution


SPOD has super quick shipping and helpful customer support

#12 PillowProfits

Pillow profits has been around for a while.

It has some of the most unique products available.

With factories in China, shipping times can be a bit slow.

But customers don't seem to mind as long as you are up front about this on your Etsy listings.

PillowProfits has a massive database of pre-designed products that you can upload and sell directly on Etsy right away.

However, customer support is not the best.

They'll generally work with you if there's an issue but are not as helpful as, say, Subliminator's support.

Still, it made the list because the range of products it offers simply can't be ignored and many people have made a LOT of money with the app.

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PillowProfits has the most unique products available with stellar mockups.


That just about wraps up the best print on demand partners for Etsy.

Hopefully, you now have more clarity as to what partner you'd like to work with in your Etsy POD journey.

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below and I'll get back to you asap.

Good luck and until next time!

Want To Start A Profitable Print On Demand Business But Don't Know Where To Begin?

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